Short Stories

Stories from the World of Eracrosi

The first story in this series, The Merchant Warrior, is available via the link in the thank you for signing up for email updates.

An adventurer gives up the life of danger to marry and start his own traveling merchant company. Life on Eracrosi is not easy and before the hopeful newly wed can make his first purchase his plans are destroyed.

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A short story from the World of Eracrosi.

The warrior-mage dark elf, Jandilynic Kullure, grand-daughter of the greatest assassin in world, had been stranded in the city of Gavin na Vod for weeks after escaping certain death while searching for magical artifacts on a deserted island in the Soul Sea. She was obsessed with them. Whenever she heard of such lost treasures she enlisted someone to help with her search to recover the artifacts.

Kharman Feurereis, First Circle Mage, and Courtesan of Lord Fingar was bored with her life, so she jumped at the chance to travel north on Lord Fingar’s ship to the city of Gavin na Vod. She was more than willing to accompany Jandi on her search for lost treasures, even in the forest of the Green Tip, a land long held by a cult of crazy women. Jandi said the Daughters of Wrathat abandoned their lands to the greater forces of Gavin na Vod and they left “things” hidden in their forest hideouts. She needed an adventure, and she knew Jandi was always willing to head into danger if there was a chance of finding treasure.

Apparently the stories of the crushing defeat and retreat to distant lands by all the DoWs had been exaggerated and the two dark elf females find themselves in An Adventure to Die For.